spirit junkie.
Fill In These Things About You
Name: Laura
Birthday: 7/6
Height: 5'5????? 165cm fuck that shit
Eye color: brown
Hair color: aubvurn/ginger/idek its faded now so whateverrr
A random fact about you: I 'm a bittttttt drunk rn just a bit nbd
Favorite band: ffffffffffffffffffffff that one
Favorite song: iiiiit's uh.... injection of love
Favorite food: CHOCOLATE.
Favorite season: wintewr
Favorite animal: mantis, ccats
Favorite movie: jurassic park i dont evenb care
Are you currently in a relationship?: noooo nonono nonono no nono no noppen open o
If so, are you happy with them?: no what
Anything you need to work on?: yes????????????????????/
Who ended your last relationship?: uuuhhh i'll just assiume it means romantic relationship cause if not i have absolutely no idea. but yeah, they did
Are you friends with your ex?: nuh
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: taller omg. howeverrr i do end up surrounding myself with shorter people
Dark hair or light hair?: ginger hair WHATTT
Smart or attractive?: why do we ahve to ugh. both
Is creativity attractive?: yes duh
Do you care how much money they have?: WHO ARE THEY
Your last phone call: real estate thing????
Your last text: i told nat to post a video on facebook i think
The last thing you ate: PIZZA
The last thing you drank: beer,; sp much beer
The last song you listened to: something from dbz
The last book you read: a fanfic, probably eruren
The last movie you watched: stardust
What is your heritage?: i was gonna say a beach house or/and mayvbe a small apartment idk man, but i read th last person's answer and uh.... italian. like as close to 100% as possible. i still really want that beach house tho
Do you play any instruments?: no
What are you pets’ names?: shige and gaya. aaaand we have queen's cat, fred fredkruegger
A random childhood memory: i almopst broke my cousin's finger once trying to show her how to bent it backwards (IN MY DEFENSE, I'M LIKE TRIPLE JOINTED AND DIDNT KNOW OTHER PEOPLE JUST... AREN'T)
Places you would like to visit: idk like all places, just take me anywhere new and i'll be one happy asshole
Your favorite color to wear: olive green


goat impersonating cat 


you gotta turn off your protective shield if you’re hungry, bro

Teacher: "Get into groups."


you gotta turn off your protective shield if you’re hungry, bro


Teacher: "Get into groups."



say those three words and i’m yours

neon genesis evangelion



i can do him


I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry

Kiki’s Delivery Service1989 Japanese theatrical poster

Kiki’s Delivery Service
1989 Japanese theatrical poster